The International Conference on Science and Vocational Education (ICSVE) is a platform that creates the opportunity for learners, teachers, lecturers and all professional and academic actors to meet at one location to discuss challenges and lessons learned as well as demonstrate their successes in Natural Science and Vocational Education. Meetings are planned to be held once every year at different locations and countries where we have partners. These annual events will ignite:

1. Knowledge exchange and promote professional networking between trainers, teachers and lecturers from different parts of the world. 

2. Allow students to interact with peers in other parts of the world thereby establishing stronger academic, professional and social relationships that lead to successes in their various undertakings.


3. Build and strengthen relationships and partnerships between institutions

4. Special Training courses on international conference management are offered to prepare ahead of time and provide an opportunity for professionally trained individuals to serve conference attendees according ESI's conference protocols.

If you have interest in serving conference attendees you may visit ESI Academy to begin  preparations for the Certified Conference Manager Course or fill the Become A Partner form to begin partnership arrangements.

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