Although the world has constantly been afflicted by different diseases, the recent outbreaks of Ebola and COVID-19 are signals that must make educational institutions to be considering a shift to online and blended learning programs. Doing so will help schools to continue having classes during these outbreaks that are never predictable. Our School Management Service is intended to aid schools get prepared ahead of disasters and allow their students to remain in school.

We provide the following services both on and off site.

1. Discuss and identify a system that is right for your school or training center.

2. Train your students, teachers and other staff including accountants, deans, registrars and those needed to use your system on how  to use your system.

3. Train and certificate your system administrator(s)

School Management 2

4. Build and maintain a suitable school website for your use

5. Through our partnership, will provide a school management system that caters not only to the education and training needs, but also to school administration including admissions, Finance, Human resource, Transport and logistics, Housing, Library, virtual Science laboratory, etc.

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