The Business Management and Social Studies Education (BMSSE) unit of ESI works to promote innovation and technology to make meaning of learning business courses such as Accounting, Human Resource Development, Marketing, Banking, and Finance, etc. with the right tools. We also ensure that the contents of training courses are right for the job market. 

We implement these by ensuring the following: 

I. Provide relevant training for lecturers at various universities, vocational institutions, and other institutions where business courses are taught. 

II. Ensure that the right type of technology required for business and management training is made available. 


III. Support partner institutions with the necessary software and equipment for a quality learning experience.

IV. BMSSE provides professional training courses to upgrade teachers and lecturers in the Business and Social Studies domain. Successful individuals are certificated to work for ESI and other partners.

To begin the process of being our Certified BMSSE Professional, click on ESI Academy below or fill out the Become A Partner form to begin partnership arrangements.

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