The Career Guidance, Vocational & Technical Education unit of ESI sees the world being a productive one if education is redesigned to ensure that all those finishing schools are able to become entrepreneurs that would create more jobs instead of chasing jobs.

In many parts of the world, students are finishing secondary and tertiary education without any skills. This is hurting the world.  

To solve these problems we are working on the following:

1. Provide career guidance and mentorship to prepare students to identify the skills that best suits them.

2. CGVTE works to ensure that vocational & technical education goes along with academic studies.

3. Sign partnerships with institutions (secondary and tertiary) to permit us to provide placement for students in appropriate skill areas. Whether the institution has a vocational program or not, we can help their students become vocational and technical education graduates with, not only the required, but right skills.


4. Work with students to ensure the successful completion of their vocational courses along with their academic programs.

5. Organize international training opportunities for students to learn from experts in other countries, even while they are in school in their home country.

6. Provide an entrepreneurship training course that leads to creating business minded graduates who are ready to impact their society.

It is no more time to have graduates who 'have no use in society'. They all must benefit life and enjoy the true meaning of Life.

To start our career guidance program, which prepares you for training and placement, sign up for our training course at ESI Academy or fill in the Become A Partner form to begin partnership arrangements.

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