Early Childhood Education is required by all nations if the future of the world must be a better place. Paying attention to children's education and development is one of our works. We ensure that children in early school age get the right type of formation. We believe that such an activity would prepare the kids for a better educational journey. We work with preparatory and primary schools in the following ways:

1. Train teachers to become specialists in early childhood education. They are called Certified ECE Facilitators.

2. Enter into partnerships with institutions to adequately prepare kids. 

Early Childhood

3. In agreement with the institutions, ESI provides the necessary and required technology for early childhood education

The package usually includes computers, smart boards, projectors, energy sources, etc.

To become a Certified ECE Facilitator, you are encouraged to sign up for courses on ESI Academy or fill in the Become A Partner form to begin a partnership arrangement.

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