It is a reality that everyone has the potential to learn and be successful. The only challenge responsible for failure is that the opportunity has not availed itself.

The difference between boys and girls is only biological. Gender has nothing to do with the access to education and other basic human needs. Education belongs to everyone as it has the power to stimulate children's interest in directing their destiny.

ESI considers the need for gender responsive pedagogy for education of all levels and types.

We work with teachers, students and school administrators to challenge gender stereotype in the classroom and in the communities where students live.

To successfully implement this aspect of our program, ESI has planned the following activities.

1. Work with training and educational institutions to ensure that gender stereotypes are eradicated.

2. Allow gender mainstreaming to be a part od all academic and extra curricula activities.


3. Encourage boys and girls to work on academic and vocational projects together.

4. Encourage mixed-gender groups and interaction during  activities related to learning and professional service.

5. Promote  initiatives that support school planning and budgeting the take into consideration the specific needs of girls and boys in your  school.

6. Run a campaign that discourages sex for grades in schools and inform students that such act is an abuse of, not only their rights, but values, thus must not be entertained.

To work as a specialist in this area, sign up for our Gender Education and development course at ESI Academy or fill in the Become A Partner form to begin a partnership arrangement with us.

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