The Teacher Training and Professional Certification (TTPC) unit at ESI is the center of our programs since it concerns the actual reason why students go to school. 

The quality of education acquired by students depends on the quality of teachers available to teach them.

We are interested in ensuring that teachers in the classroom have the requisite training to be in there.

To ensure that this unit of ESI meets its objectives, the following activities are the core functions of the TTPC:

1. Assist with the training of teachers already in the classroom from primary school to University.

2. Conduct specialized training or subject specialist certification. This helps to ensure that those in the classroom know the subject and know the teaching techniques used in the subject area.

3. The unit hires and assigns teachers as the needs arise.

The TTPC program will take teachers from all levels of academia including primary, secondary, and tertiary institutions. TTPC  works with the ministries of education and other educational bodies in our countries of operation to determine the content of the material being taught.

The following are some  qualifications you may receive.


1. Certified Facilitator ( with Science, Mathematics, Language Arts, Public Health, Social Studies, options plus many more). The list of all certifications in this category is available in the academy.

2. Certified Vocational Trainer (With options in Electronics, Electricity, Furniture-making, Plumbing, Air-conditioning, Solar Technology, IT & Computer Science, Home Arts, plus more). 

3. Certified Homeschool Teachers with options

4. Certified Career Guidance Counselor with options.

5. Certified Early Childhood Educator with options.

6. Certified Science Laboratory Demonstrator ( with options in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology)

7. Certified Para-Medical Science Facilitator with options. 

Also, ESI  encourages countries that may have needs to revise their curricula or syllabi to meet the present-day need of education to work with our team to ensure that the revision process is done.

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