The Textbooks and Learning Resources Development (TLRD) unit is responsible for developing updated learning resources for schools. 

Many students in hard to reach communities are unable to access textbooks that are used by their teachers. 

There are enormous challenges faced by teachers and students in accessing the right materials required for teaching and learning

ESI is committed to ensuring that new textbooks are produced through collaborations with teachers, researchers, and other professionals.

Trainers, teachers, and lecturers receive training to write textbooks. 

Joint projects are the best since we prefer the books containing contributions of people with vast experiences in their subject areas. 

Text Books

Textbooks and resources will be written for all subjects. The following activities pave the way for textbook writing:

1. Training of authors on the rudiments of textbook writing

2. Writing conferences

3. Training and formation of editorial teams for each subject area.

You are encouraged to sign up for a course on textbook writing at ESI Academy or fill in the Become our Partner form to begin partnership arrangements.
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